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Border Poets is a group of writers, who live in the area near the Welsh border. At present, we have members who live, for example, in Tenbury, Leominster, Ludlow and Bishop’s Castle. We meet roughly eight times a year, from 10.30 – 4.30, usually on a Sunday. Sometimes we gather at The Hurst Arvon centre, near Clun, but we often travel to visit different parts of the region.


2014 was another excellent year for Border Poets. We’ve gradually grown, gaining from the stimulus of new members without swamping the group. When we have a poetry readaround we often have 12 members reading their work, and that can take two hours, so we’re near the maximum. But at present readarounds are very productive and much appreciated. The work is very varied, and keeps getting better.  


One helpful stimlus is that we travel to a range of very different sites. This year we increased the number of meetings, from six to eight, all on a Sunday. Our usual pattern is as follows:


10.30  coffee and chat

11.00  readaround of poems

1.00   shared picnic lunch

2.00   visit to a site, sometimes with expert commentary. .


The itinerary for 2013 was as follows:




27 January  The Hurst


14 April              Spaceguard, Knighton


12 May Bettws chapel


7  July Clungunford smallholding


1 Aug Burwarton show


15 September Lydham and More


20 October Westhope College


24 November Land of Lost Content

We are a group of experienced poets, who welcome close discussion of what we have written, and we greatly value sharing responses to our poems. New members often join by invitation, but we also welcome applications from people we don’t know, although we do ask that they submit a sample of half a dozen poems for our consideration. If you wish to do this, or have other queries about membership, please contact our secretary Paul Francis, at


If you wish to contact us, our secretary Paul Francis, is at